Every Purchase Fights Poverty

Free Hammock With The Purchase of Straps For a Limited Time 

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Get a Free Hammock With The Purchase of Staps For a Limited Time

Wind Protection

Our innovative hammock is equipped with Velcro sides so users can wrap themselves up like a cocoon. 

Bug Protection

This design is also useful for people facing homelessness, by giving them privacy and peace of mind. 

Warmth and Privacy

The only hammock on the market with an all in one velcro cocoon design. 

What Happens When you Buy a hammock?

We donate a hammock

We hang hammocks up in people's homes and orphanages in third world countries so they no longer have to sleep on the ground. We also donate hammocks to homeless in the U.S who end up sleeping in wooded areas. 

We donate a survival Kit

We hand out survival kits to homeless in large cities. These kits include things like food, water, sanitary items, survival blankets, and more. 

We donate funds

If there is an important project that we are working on and the most helpful thing for them at that time is money then we make a $15 donation for every hammock sold. Like the septic system we are trying to have built for an orphange we are working with in Kenya.


I love my High Hopes Hammock. I will never go back to a tent. Hammock camping has saved my back and I sleep like a baby. I also love supporting a company like High Hopes because of the good they put into the world.

Emily Linkous- Facebook User

absolutely love this company and what they do for people who can't help themselves! I bought a hammock from them just because of their mission and it made me feel great knowing how they fight homelessness and the underprivileged. Their hammocks are excellent quality and are well worth what they charge!

Kevin Griffith - Facebook User

Great product, better cause. I will definitely recommend to friends.

Claire Dudek - Facebook User